For over 50 years millions of readers have been using our devotionals for their moments of quiet reflection. The inspiring, life changing articles point the reader to God and the wisdom of His unchanging Word. RBC Ministries has two sets of daily readings to help you in your walk with the Lord:

Our Daily Bread

Since its first publication in 1956 this has been our most popular devotional. The brief but engaging daily articles relate to a different Bible passage each day. The inspiring style of Our Daily Bread helps readers reflect on God using the wisdom of His Word.

Within Europe this is available in English (regular and large print), Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian, French, German, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Polish.

We also work with Ministry Associates who publish Our Daily Bread in Bulgarian, Croat, Slovenian, Azerbaijani, Swedish and Slovakian.

Our Daily Bread: Military Edition

The two military versions of the Our Daily Bread annual are being used at military training grounds in the UK, and by British military personnel on active service round the world.

These annuals were produced in collaboration with SASRA and several army chaplains to create two collections of Our Daily Bread devotions relevant to military service men and women.

In Volume 2 there are also other feature articles to answer big questions military personnel might have, such as “What about when I have to shoot someone?” and “How does the Bible view soldiers?”

If you know someone in the military please contact us and we can provide you with either volume of the military annuals to pass to them.

Our Daily Journey

This is a recent publication, and the articles are created by a different team of writers from those who write Our Daily Bread. Our Daily Journey helps readers dig deeply into God's Word within minutes. The style is a mixture of inspirational and instructional, with extra Bible verses listed after each article for further reading and study.

Within Europe this devotional is only available in English.

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